A car but with zero emission

Meet Pawel from Gdanks, Poland.

What tasks do you use your cargo bike for?

Taking kids to kindergarten, to transport shopping, to relax and taking boys for trips around the city.

I love my cargo bike because...

it gives me the possibility to be active and practical.

Why did you decide to buy a cargo bike?

I use it as a car but with zero emission. Cargo gives me a great time with my boys. Many times I only have to travel short distances - up to 2 km. It is much nicer to travel by bike than sitting in a car in traffic.

Did you have to overcome any initial challenges?

Just the first ride was funny feeling. It rides a little bit different than a normal bike. But everyone can join riding cargo bikes.

Do you think that you and your cargo bike are making an impact on society?

I hope so. Citizens of my town don’t know what a cargo bike is. Every day, as I ride by cargo, people are watching with smiles on their faces.
What could your city do to improve the "cargobike-ability" of your city?
Important is to make „road lines” in many parts of the city. Also, it would be nice if there will be programme helping to buy cargo cargo. I am sure that city managers can find subsidies in EU programs to find ways to change thinking about local transport.
Pawel Gdansk