Commons Cargo Bikes for Europe

Cargo bike sharing provides easy access to cargo bikes for everyone. The City Changer Cargo Bike project has supported the Forum Freie Lastenräder (“Union of Commons Cargo Bike initiatives”) which represents 142 cargo bike-sharing initiatives in Germany, Austria and Hungary to promote community-based cargo bike-sharing across Europe. In 2020, an English manual, booking software and a short film on the concept of commons cargo bikes were published on the Forum‘s new English webpage.

The information and tools were successfully used e.g. in North England by Climate Action Ilkley. The initiative offers a sharing-fleet of two e-cargo bikes and one trailer through their webpage.

The model we are basing this on is the Commons cargo Bike schemes in Europe, particularly in Germany. The bikes are free to use but we ask for donations to help us maintain the bikes and run the scheme. We ask for businesses to host the bike, so they are available within the local community.

The more local journeys we do by bike the cleaner our air will be and the less congested our roads will be. Join us in this revolution.

The concept of commons cargo bikes is easy to implement and can be used to kick-start the local uptake of cargo bikes. For more information and support contact the Forum Freie Lastenräder.