Copenhagenize is the multi-disciplinary “go-to team” for cities in all matters relating to bicycle culture, planning, traffic and communications. They approach every job from a human-centred perspective – using design, anthropology, sociology and common sense as our points of departure.

Only a few generations ago, the bicycle was an integral part of the urban landscape in cities and towns around the world. Modern urban planning is often singular in its focus on technical models, statistics, political mandates and cost. Copenhagenize Design Co. prefers to place the primary focus on human nature in our work. They think about the bicycle user first and design from there, whatever the city.

In an age of increased urbanisation, strained public health, and continued addiction to the automobile, modern mobility solutions are needed more than ever. Every city once used the modest bicycle as an important tool for successful urban mobility. Copenhagenize intends to help cities go back to the future and learn to simplify by building for bicycles.

Their speciality lies in advising and inspiring cities, governments and organisations about the re-establishment of the bicycle as a normal form of urban transport. For us, our work is to design a monument in each city we work in – to ingenuity, rationality, and human-powered transport.