Family Bikes - the modern way to transport children

Kindergarten Guide to Cargo Bikes
16.07.2020 11:00
16.07.2020 11:30


The birth of a child changes many things in the life of a family. One thing doesn't have to change is that you continue to ride your bicycle.

Instead of looking into getting a new or a second car, get a family bike! Family bicycles are a  safe,  healthy and inexpensive alternative to cars for transporting not only your children but also your weekly shopping, your dog, leisure equipment and many other things. The CityChangerCargoBike Project prepared a guidebook on transporting children from birth until they are able to ride their own bikes.

This webinar will explore what family bikes are and explain why every family should rethink their choice of transport.

Be a role model for your children and inspire others.

Join us online  on July 16th, 2020 at 11am CET.


11:00-11:20: Presentation: Family Bikes - the modern way to transport children

11:20-11:30: Question & Answer


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