Konzept zur Bündelung der Innenstadtlogistik und zum Einsatz von Lastenrädern

Fahrradportal: Logistical optimisation of city delivery with cargo bikes (LOOP)


Aim of the project

The LOOP project (Logistische Optimierung der City-Belieferung mit Lastenrädern) aims to demonstrate how cargo bikes can be used economically on a broad basis in retail logistics. The project hypothesizes that value-added forwarding services for the retail trade (consignment bundling, warehousing) can both save delivery journeys and shift them to cargo bikes. This creates synergies for the supply of inner-city areas of large cities, which create the critical base load for the economic use of cargo bikes. To bring the use of cargo bikes closer to typical medium-sized general cargo forwarders, innovative logistics concepts must first be developed to overcome the unsolved problem of recipient-side consignment bundling.


Concept for bundling inner-city logistics

In order to establish the use of bicycles in commercial transport, it must be economical for companies and meet customer requirements (shippers, retailers, private end customers) in competition. At present, both retailers and their customers are supplied uncoordinatedly, which often results in many underutilised journeys. The aim is therefore to transport the consignments from producers and wholesalers to a logistics company on the outskirts of the city, which then supplies the city centre by cargo bikes. Consignments from retailers to end customers are delivered as directly as possible from the logistics provider's location, so that journeys from the city centre to end customers are no longer necessary. The resulting added value for retailers‘ personnel costs for incoming goods and end customer deliveries generates the contribution margins for the logistician's service.


Project implementation

Within the framework of the project, the conditions for an economical use of cargo bikes in retail trade logistics (supply of the retail trade (= B2B) and delivery to end customers by the retail trade or directly via the depot of the logistics service provider (= B2C)) are investigated. To this end, two forward-looking projects will be linked, which go well beyond the use of cargo bikes by individual courier, express and parcel service logisticians (CEP logisticians) on the so-called "very last mile".

The approach and experience gained in the construction/expansion of the logistics concept described will be documented, and in the demonstration project operational experience is collected, documented and published so that it can be transferred to other companies and municipalities.


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