Christoph Diener, Leiter der IKEA-Filiale Freiburg, Philipp Rovedo, Lastenvelo Freiburg, Oliver Benz, Vorstand der Freiburger Verkehrs AG, fuhren die Lastenvelos schon mal Probe

Fahrradportal: Transport shopping with e-bike


Since 2013, Freiburger Verkehrs AG (VAG) and the furniture store IKEA have been cooperating very successfully with the "smart station wagon" offer when it comes to electromobility. In this article,  Fahrradportal explains how three electric cargo bikes are now included in the environmentally friendly transport offer under the name "Flottes 3Rad" in cooperation with LastenVelo Freiburg. "We are delighted that, following our positive experience with electric cars, we can now, together with our cooperation partner, enrich our range of sustainable means of transport with cargo bikes," says Christopher Diener, head of the Freiburg branch.

Customers of the furniture store who can present a valid ticket for local transport now have the choice of bringing their purchases home free of charge with a modern electric cargo bike. Two of the three bicycles at IKEA are blocked for customers during IKEA's opening hours and can be borrowed free of charge for up to four hours upon presentation of a current purchase receipt. The third bike can also be booked around the clock free of charge via the LastenVelo Freiburg booking system.

Read more about the initiative in the original article (in German) here.