Photo Report: Cargo Bikes @Eurobike 2019

Once again, cargo bikes were a highlight at the leading international bicycle fair, Eurobike, which took place in early September 2019. Fascinating new products, as well as important classics, were on display.

An important meeting point for cargo-bike-enthusiasts at Eurobike is the Cargo Area in Hall A1. After a first successful appearance in 2018 with 24 exhibitors, 2019 already counted 32 exhibitors in the Cargo Area.

A whole spectrum of cargo bikes ranging from private child transporters to heavy load bikes for city logistic were showcased at the fair. This also appealed to the media and politicians. For example, the German public broadcaster, ZDF, provided detailed reports from the Cargo Area.

Politics @Cargo Area

The political side of things brought a delegation of Bundestag’s members, Baden-Württemberg's transport minister along with the federal government's bicycle transport commissioner to the Cargo Area:

Minister of Transport

Baden Württemberg's Minister of Transport Winfried Hermann (B90/Green) with delegation at the AddBike booth.


VIP tour

Cycling Officer of the Federal Ministry of Transport and Digital Infrastructure Karola Lambeck (2nd from right) with VSF Managing Director Albert Herresthal (centre) at the booth of ZEG's Heavy-Duty Cargobike A-N.T.


Zweirad-Industrie-Verband Managing Director Siegfried Neuberger (right) with Member of the German Parliament Michael Donth (CDU) at Urban Arrow's stand.


CDU Bundestag bicycle expert, MdB Gero Storjohann, at the booth of Triobike. Photo: ZIV


Party @Cargo Area

The Cargo Area was full of people on the second evening of the fair! Based on an initiative of the CCCB project, 18 cargo bike exhibitors hosted a joint Cargo Area Party. Kevin Mayne of Cycling Industries Europe proclaimed the party crowd a huge European market potential for cargo bikes and invited them to participate in lobbying activities lead by CCCB in Brussels. A European Expert Group on Cargo Bikes was founded for this purpose in October 2019.

Eurobike party
Eurobike party

Cargobikes @Eurobike Academy

In the lead up to the party, three professional events organised by and CCCB took place on the second day of the fair as part of the Eurobike Academy:

What use is the DIN standard for cargo bikes? When is the EN standard coming?

Challenge components: heavy loads need new solutions

Urban logistics with cargo bikes: presenting the Radlogistik Verband Deutschland (RLVD)

The room in the Conference Centre East was jam-packed:

Eurobike Academy
Eurobike Academy

After the three rather technical panels, a podium discussion on the relevance of gender issues of the - largely male-dominated - Cargo bike industry followed.

Excerpt of the announcement:

The daily loads can be transported more effectively on a cargo bike. Women are mobility managers, whether it is shopping, transport or family mobility. Therefore, they are more likely to consider buying a cargo bike. Is the industry on the right track with its products, service and advice?

An intriguing and crucial question! (Even if the Fahrradmonitor 2019 does not show such differences in the purchasing potential of cargo bikes between men and women.)

Eurobike Academy

The cargo bike retailers Cora Geißler (Velogut, Berlin) and Sonia Quirder (['kvirder], Frankfurt/M) at the panel discussion


Photo gallery cargo bikes @Eurobike

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Outlook: Cargo Bikes @Eurobike 2020

Eurobike 2020 (2-5 Sept.) will once again prominently feature cargo bikes. Will the Cargo Area continue to grow? In the meantime, a permanent Cargo Area subpage with exhibitor information for the Cargo Area 2020 is available on the Eurobike website. will once again support Eurobike as an external consultant.

This is a modified version of the original article “Fotobericht: Cargobikes @Eurobike 2019” published by, CCCB project partner and Advisory Board Member.