Become a Local Hero

Cargo Bike Parade

Do you love your cargo bike? Share it with the world and help us transform your city into a cargo bike paradise. Take action through 2 simple steps, and become a local hero.


Step 1: What tasks do you use your cargo bike for? Family logistics? Shopping? Transporting Pets? Urban delivery? Business? Moving houses? We want to hear all about it!

Answer our 3-minute survey and we will share your cargo bike story on our website and social media channels.

Step 2: Participate in our photo contest! Take a selfie or make a short video with your cargo bike, and share it on social media. Don't be afraid to get creative and think outside the box. The ten most original photos will win a cargo bike picnic blanket.

1. Print and fill out our "My cargo bike is..." card with one word (or make the card yourself).

2. Take a picture (or a video) with the card and your cargo bike

3. Use the hashtag #CargoBikeSmile and tag us (@Cyclelogistics).

4. Post it!

Cargo Bike Kid

  The perfect blanket for an afternoon of family fun


Congratulations, you are now a local hero! Do you want to do more? Delve deeper into the campaign!


 Decorate your profile picture with one of our four unique Facebook frames.


It is super simple:


1. Go to

2. Search for "Cargo Bike"

3. Click Use as Profile Picture to save




Cargo Bike Frames

Facebook Frames

 Inspire your friends! Share your story and our local hero guide.


Think about someone who could benefit from a cargo bike.

Share our local hero stories and cargo bike guides with them.


Do you know someone with a cargo bike?

Share our local hero campaign flyer with your friend to encourage them to make their story heard!