March 2012
Beautiful custom made trikes and bikes from Slovenia (SI)

Beautiful custom made trikes and bikes from Slovenia (SI)

Organic food is served in Ljubljana on a beautiful cargo bicycle custom made by the Slovenian sculturist Jaka Mihelic.

A cargo is used in Ljubljana to run a small catering business. On the menu are soups, stews, ect and everything is made from organic food. The owner of the business is very satisfied how well the business has developed probably also because she has a great deal of enthusiam and passion for her work. The home-cooked food is kept warm in an insulated box on the tricycle. The bicycle itself is a unique product of the established and well known sculpturist Jaka Mihelic, who is making custom trikes and bikes - each of them as an artistic item, not only as a plain vehicle. The bikes are rather expensive but worth to look at.

Zavod Juhahu

Contact: Janez Bertonecelj

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