June 2015
Cyclelogistics@Velo-City Nantes: the report!

Cyclelogistics@Velo-City Nantes: the report!

Past week, the whole cycling world gathered in Nantes, France for the Velo-City event hosted by the ECF. Cyclelogistics also attended the event: several activities related to the project took place.

The annual Velo-City event hosted by the European Cyclists Federation took place this year in the beautiful city of Nantes, in France. This event, which attracts bike experts from all over the world, could not be missed by the Cyclelogistics project.

Before the conference officially started, two workshops were organized during a side event hosted by PRO E BIKE and Cyclelogistics: one for start-up cycle delivery companies, and one to empower cities and fleet managers. The workshops turned out to be a success and a good warm up for the actual conference.

During the conference, the session on heavy goods - light vehicles where Cyclelogistics was represented by Gary Armstrong received great enthusiasm - the room were it was hosted even appeared to be too small!

In the meantime, our booth that we shared with our colleagues of PRO E BIKE, received a lot of attention as well - with special thanks to the cargobikes of TXITA* and Douze Cycles.

To summarize, the Velo-City event was a successful event for Cyclelogistics, and we are looking forward to the ECLF Conference in San Sebastian in October!

* Our partners of TXITA deserve a special shoutout coming all the way to Nantes from San Sebastian through the Pyrenees with their cargobike and cycle taxi!

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