June 2015
The Cyclelogistics Empowerment Workshop - 16-06-2015 - Sofia (Bulgaria)

The Cyclelogistics Empowerment Workshop - 16-06-2015 - Sofia (Bulgaria)

The EU funded project CycleLogistics Ahead will held a workshop, aimed at elected city officials, municipality officers and businesses to demonstrate the potential of bicycles by highlighting how other European towns and cities have encouraged cycle logistics solutions.

The workshop is entitled: Sustainable Energy, Sustainable Mobility and Cyclelogistics and these are the topics that will be covered:

• Cyclelogistics is nothing new!
• A changing urban landscape
• The rebirth of cyclelogistics as a solution to making more liveable cities
• Research has proven the potential
• What do we mean by Cyclelogistics?
• Where Cyclelogistics can be used: private logistics, services, delivery
• Can cycle based delivery really replace a van?
• What can municipalities do to encourage Cyclelogistics?
• Strategies adopted by cycle friendly cities
• City case study
• Establishing an urban freight delivery forum

Contact: Cosimo Chiffi

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