July 2015
Pony Zero and Axitea join forces for the future of bicycle green deliveries.

Pony Zero and Axitea join forces for the future of bicycle green deliveries.

Pony Zero, an italian cycle delivery company has recently started cooperating with Axitea, a large security system operator.

Pony Zero and Axitea are offering an innovative goods delivery service by bicycle, which ensures continuous monitoring and protection of the bike, the goods and the rider. Last mile smart logistics developed by Pony Zero – geared to environmental sustainability and integration with urban smart services – joins forces with managed security tools, linked to the Axitea Control Centre, operational 24 hours a day 365 days a year, to track the routes taken by the riders, geolocalize and protect the goods, and guarantee quality of service to the end users.

The aim of the agreement between Axitea and Pony Zero, is to define a new standard in bicycle deliveries, through an innovative, safe GPS tracking system integrated with the cargobikes, used for our last mile delivery service.

Pony Zero, a leader in last mile ecological deliveries, continues its growth by investing in research and development: “We are very proud to announce this partnership, which allows us to continue to improve our ecological goods transportation system, and we are investing time and energy to offer the best service on the market. We wanted the leader in security and surveillance and security systems, Axitea, by our side, to ensure an efficient and on time service for our customers”.

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