August 2015
ECF CycleLogistics Workshops help sell cargo & E-bikes for commercial use

ECF CycleLogistics Workshops help sell cargo & E-bikes for commercial use

When it comes to E-bikes, the glamour at Eurobike is focused on their speed, and flying up hills and trails. But moving goods by cycle in cities may be a more important use in the long haul. This, according to experts in the field and industry leaders, could be the next boom for both cities, and the cycling industry.

Building on the trend, the EU-funded projects Pro-E-Bike & CycleLogistics have targeted commercial delivery and municipal services in urban areas. At two workshops as part of the EUROBIKE Academy, ECF and expert partners leading the project showed how they can replace motor vehicle fleets with cargobikes and e-bikes.

“This is effectively unlocking new markets throughout Europe,” said ECF project manager Dr Randy Rzewnicki, after speaking at the workshops. “We’re excited about the successes of the projects which are bringing e-bikes and cargo-bikes to some places with a very low levels of cycling. The Croatian Post just paid €500,000 on 180 e-bikes. They will replace motor scooters and be on the streets all over the country this October. ” Pro-E-Bike sponsored the year long testing of several different e-bikes at Croatian Post.

ECF shared crucial insider information collected from companies and cities across Europe on what businesses want from cargobikes and e-bikes. Rzewnicki said: They want to know how much money they save. But they also need to be sure that they get high quality bikes, batteries, and crucially, after sales service.

“Maintenance of cargo bikes and e-bikes needs more professionalization and development. That’s clearly a concern for the end users” said Karl Reiter, CycleLogistics project developer and one of the experts presenting the workshop.

“We’re riding the wave of exciting developments in cyclelogistics. Delivering by cycle for business service is definitely not a niche topic anymore” he concluded.

Contact: Susanne Wrighton

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