January 2016
Sausage stand – deliveries via cargo bike

Sausage stand – deliveries via cargo bike

A sausage stand in the small town of Wiener Neustadt in Austria receives supplies by cargo bike and thus saves half a ton of CO2 a year.

In Wiener Neustadt, a small market town near Vienna, a sausage stand - Rinalda Pinzini – is located in the inner city area. Despite the fact that the storage area for the sausage stand is also located in the centre of the city it is not possible to make deliveries on foot. Therefore, until now the business received its supplies and deliveries by van.
Now a cargo bike was purchased and the 2km distance can be performed CO2-free. The load factor for the cargo bike is 100kg which provides sufficient space for beverage crates and cooling boxes alike.
On average the sausage stand receives 3 deliveries a day. This amounts to half a ton of CO2 savings per year.

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