January 2016
New possibility to get funds for cargo bikes in private use

New possibility to get funds for cargo bikes in private use

In Austria the Ministry of Environment is funding cargo bikes (€400) and electric cargo bikes (€600). This funding however is only available for businesses and associations and not for private customers. To remedy this, the new association called “Lastenesel” was founded. The association enables full members to exclusively use the cargo bike of their choice for 4 years.

The procedure is easy:
  1. Choose the bike you want at cargo bike dealer of your choice and get a price offer.
  2. Become a member of the association. The price (minus the funding) is calculated and the bike is rented from the association for 4 years (basic amount, deposit and monthly rental fee).
  3. The association purchases the bike at the dealer and rents it to the member.
  4. After 4 years the bike is returned to the association or belongs to the member. During the 4 year rental period the member has sole responsibility for damages, maintenance or theft of the bike.

  5. An example for the cost calculation is provided:
    The regular purchasing price for the Bullit is €2.800, plus €50 membership fee, plus €100 deposit. From this € 400 for the funding are subtracted. This leaves a price of €2.550 as costs for the bike.
    It is expected that the thus created funding opportunity for private cargo bikes will greatly enhance the visibility of the bikes in Austria.

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