January 2016
Cargo Bike Funding galore in Austria!

Cargo Bike Funding galore in Austria!

In Austria cargo bikes are funded in the cities of Graz, Hartberg and Lustenau. There also is a national funding schemes for (e) cargobikes and now the Region of Styria has launched yet another funding scheme.

In 2011 – at the same time of the launch of the Cyclelogistics project – the City of Graz started to fund cargo bikes. The funding is limited to businesses and institutions (schools, universities and building societies). The city contributes 50% of the purchasing price or a maximum of €1000. Since the beginning of the funding scheme over 70 cargo bikes have been funded and the trend seems to be upwards.
Inspired by the success of the model from Graz a national funding scheme was established in the early summer of 2015. The national scheme is complimentary to the funding scheme in Graz and will refund up to €400 of the costs (€600 for electric). In this scheme too, the funding only applies for businesses and institutions.
Early in January 2016 it was announced that the Region of Styria has also decided to fund cargo bikes. Again, this is a complimentary funding and also extends to private individuals and amounts up to €500 are funded. We are positive that this will give additional impetus to the already booming cargo bike use.

Contact: Susanne Wrighton

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