January 2016
SPAR Austria gourmet stores in Vienna offer home delivery service by bike

SPAR Austria gourmet stores in Vienna offer home delivery service by bike

Since late summer 2015 Select SPAR gourmet stores in Vienna are offering their customers a home delivery service. The new service, which has been supported by local non-profit organisation, Wien Work, has a unique social and environmental aspect to it: The purchases are delivered on electric bikes by unemployed people, offering them a much-needed chance of re-entering the job market.

The delivery service started in two SPAR gourmet stores in Vienna and the expansion of the service to additional stores is now being planned. “Our aim is to offer home delivery with added value,” said Managing Director of SPAR Austria, Alois Huber. “We have created this added value by working with Wien Work and the Employment Market Service (AMS) to offer employment to those in need. The environmental friendly delivery by bike is an additional benefit, especially in urban areas.”
The new service works as follows: Customers do their shopping as usual at SPAR gourmet stores and order the delivery service at the checkout. Home delivery by electric bike costs €2 and includes the delivery of two shopping bags or two beverage crates. Frozen goods are the only products that cannot be delivered.

SPAR Austria also offers a very similar socio-economic service in Salzburg and a regular delivery service in Graz. In Graz the delivery by bike is carried out by employees.

For more information, visit SPAR Austria’s website:

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