February 2016
Dutch cycle couriers have started a cooperation

Dutch cycle couriers have started a cooperation

The Dutch have been front runners on many issues, and it seems that it will keep that way. 18 cycle couriers operating in 26 have united themselves under the flag "".

The initiative came from Cycloon Zwolle, De Fietskoerier Utrecht, Fietsexpress in Den Hague and Velocity in Nijmegen.

The cycle couriers do not only work together, but also use the same billing platform, so no ten different bills from different companies!

With the cooperation they not only hope to attract local parties, but also nationwide operating (web)shops. There are two types of deliveries: express delivery, within one or two hours after the pick-up at the store or evening delivery.

In the nearby future they will also start up a network of city hubs, which will make delivery even easier and faster.

Want to know more? Contact them via their website, or twitter @FietskoeriersNL

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