February 2016
Recommendations on Cyclelogistics for cities

Recommendations on Cyclelogistics for cities

At the end of 2015 the European commission started to collect know-how and expertise to be used within the upcoming EU guidelines on Urban Logistics. The European Cyclist’s Federation (ECF) prepared a set of specific Cyclelogistics recommendations that are aimed to be included in these guidelines.

Using input from Cyclelogistics experts around Europe, including those from the project the ECF has presented the European Commission with recommendation on how governments can alleviate some of their problems in cities by introducing more cycling in urban logistics. The report is based on actual Cyclelogistics solutions currently in place in some European frontrunner cities.
Based on many best practice examples from around Europe city administrations and governments learn what measures can be put in place to promote the use of cargo bikes for delivery purposes in urban areas. The main areas of interest are: municipal cargo bike fleets, public procurement to include cargo bikes, funding & support for companies using cargo bikes, access restrictions for motorized vehicles and infrastructural measures that allow inner city transshipment at micro hubs.
Of course a general promotion of cycling culture – and making it public! will also be one of the best measures to promote the use of cargo bikes for delivery.

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Contact: Randy Rzewnicki

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