March 2016
Cyclelogistics workshop in Liège, Belgium is a great success

Cyclelogistics workshop in Liège, Belgium is a great success

Sixty people attended the Cyclelogistics workshop past Tuesday, 15 March in Liège, Belgium. Respondents learned about the possibilities of sustainable logistics and got to know best practices from actors in the field.

The workshop was organised by the Walloon Union of Enterprises, Logistics in Wallonia and Cyclelogistics partner Traject.

The objective of the workshop was to inform stakeholders from the Walloon region about the different solutions now available on the market.

The meeting started with an presentation of Bernard Piette from Logistics in Wallonia who outlined their vision of the smart city of the future.

After him came a number of actors from the field: Bubble Post, CityDepot, Urbantz and Le Coursier Monsan. All of them have a different approach towards citylogistics, with Bubble Post and Le Coursier Monsan as couriers, Urbantz as an enabler via their IT-system and CityDepot as a micro consolidation centre partner.

The actors in the field were followed by an overview of the Cyclelogistics project as a whole and by a testimonial of the city of Mechelen, which allowed participants to learn about the goals of the project, and the realizations of the project on the ground.

In the afternoon a workshop on how to set up a cycle courier business took place.

Find presentations (in French) and photos here.

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