May 2016
Dutch cycle courier cooperation have started with same day delivery

Dutch cycle courier cooperation have started with same day delivery, a Dutch cooperation of cycle couriers active in 27 cities in the Netherlands launched last week their same day delivery service. started their business already in January, and announced they would start their same day delivery later this year.

The businesses collect the parcels during noon, which enables them to deliver the goods the same evening, everywhere in the Netherlands.

The initiative came from four cycle couriers active in different cities: Cycloon from Zwolle, De Fietskoerier from Utrecht, Fietsexpress from Den Hague and Velocity in Nijmegen. The business is more than a partnership: the couriers also use the same billing software.

The couriers are the fastest delivery service due to the logistic bottleneck caused by the promise of same day delivery with motorized vehicles. Because of the favourable location of their hubs and the last mile delivery with bicycles they operate more efficiently.

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