June 2016
GLS plans on shifting deliveries from vans to cargo bikes in Austria

GLS plans on shifting deliveries from vans to cargo bikes in Austria

Particulate matter and climate change as well as congestion and long delivery times are starting make the logistics industry rethink and look for new solutions. This trend has started in the Netherlands and has now also reached Austria. GLS have tested delivery by cargo bike within the last months and the pilot was so successful that now they plan to get 10 more cargo bikes for Graz alone.

For several months GLS tested a cargo trike from the German company “Radkutsche” in Graz for the delivery of packages. Their manager Axel Spörl says: We are constantly trying to make our deliveries more environmentally friendly.” Electric cars are for the logistics sector currently not an option and therefore they are trying to use delivery by cargo bike in city centres.
According to the GLS site manager in Graz the image of the cargo bikes was much better than expected and in addition it was possible to improve on their delivery times when they used the cargo bikes. This is an important economic factor.
This is why GLS now plans to extend their fleet in Graz to 10 cargo trikes and they are also looking to find a central depot or consolidation centre. The limiting factor at the moment is to get the bikes fast enough. Most cargo bike producers are rather small companies and cannot handle large orders like this. Nevertheless GLS is optimistic to have 10 cargo bikes running in Graz by October 2016.
In addition, GLS Austria plans to use cargo bikes in all provincial captials. For this they need a total of 50 cargo bikes.

Contact: Susanne Wrighton

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