October 2016
International Car Free Day in Prague

International Car Free Day in Prague

This year, the International Car Free Day took place on 22th of September. This day is traditionally a culmination of celebrating all activities taking place during the European Mobility Week. The city of Prague and cycle courier Messenger also took part.

The central Theme of this year was "Smart Mobility, Strong Economy".

In many European capitals new pedestrian areas arise these days. During the Car Free Day, various activities for pedestrians were organised, which were related to sustainable urban transport and public space.

This year's celebration was in the center of Prague at Národní třída, which was 24 hours long car free! Inhabitants could enjoy a pleasant walk in the city center without any motorized vehicle.

MESSENGER set up a cargo bike lending scheme together with the Municipality of Prague on this day so people could try and enjoy cargo bikes.

They also took time to present and promote the Cyclelogistics project.

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