January 2012
Subsidy for cargo bikes in Graz, Austria

Subsidy for cargo bikes in Graz, Austria

A major goal of the City of Graz is to promote the use of bicycles. This includes the use of bicycles by private individuals as well as for professional activities. Therefore, the City of Graz currently grants a subsidy for the acquisition of cargo bikes to companies and institutions (schools, universities, housing associations, etc.).

This promotion is meant to reduce motorised urban traffic by increasing and encouraging the utilisation of bicycles for business purposes and in every day life.
50% of the purchasing price or up to a maximum of €1.000,- are subsidized by the city. Per company and institution one bicycle is currently eligible for this subsidy. The eligibility criteria for this subsidy from the City of Graz were compiled and elaborated in the course of the EU-project CycleLogistics. Subsidies are granted for cargo bikes with 2 or 3 wheels. The City of Graz recommends purchasing the bikes at specialist shops. On the basis of a report from the department of transport planning of the City of Graz, the Environmental Agency determines if a particular bike is eligible for the subsidy.
The process is easy. To receive the money companies only need the invoice, a written application and a copy of their trade licence or excerpt from the Companies Register.
So far several companies have applied and there seems to be a great deal of interest. It is expected that with the help of CycleLogistics much more interest will be generated in the coming years.

Contact: Susanne Wrighton

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