February 2013
Cargo-bike-sharing scheme in Ghent (BE)

Cargo-bike-sharing scheme in Ghent (BE)

Cargo bikes are becoming increasingly popular in Ghent. The city council gives financial support to cargo-bike-sharing projects for neighbourhoods and to citizens who want to purchase an electric cargo bike.

In the framework of the project “Wijk aan Zet” (“your neighbourhood’s move”) residents of Ghent are able to apply for financial support from the city for initiatives that enhance the quality of life. Residents from the Rabot neighbourhood decided to purchase and share a cargo bike with the support of this programme. Similarly, residents from the Toekomststraat used the funds to purchase and share a bicycle trailer.

For the cargo-bike-sharing a website exists to make reservations. There is the need for a one-off 30 Euros fee. The cargo bike can than be rented for 2 Euros per shift (morning or afternoon), for a maximum period of two shifts.

For the bicycle trailer residents can register by e-mail and with a password the trailer can be reserved. Through this programme, the organisers aim to foster shopping by bike. The trailer can hold two to four crates with a maximum load of 60 kg.

Residents, who want to purchase their own electric cargo-bike, can get financial support from the city council (one grant per address). In only 4 month the city has granted a subsidy of 9.600 Euros for the purchase of 24 electric cargo-bikes. Those unsure if a cargo-bike would be a good solution for them can try one by testing one of the eight different types of cargo-bikes from Max Mobiel, the initiative for sustainable commuting in Ghent.

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