January 2012
Share your cargo bikes via the internet (Germany)

Share your cargo bikes via the internet (Germany)

People who own a cargo bike or a bike trailer and are willing to share them with others free of chargecan enter the location and the specifications of the bicycle or trailer on Owners of bikes and trailers can be contacted via e-mail or phone. So far the site contains entries from cities in Germany and Austia.

The transport of children in either bicycle trailers or cargo bikes has become a familiar sight in many European cities. More and more cargo bikes and trailers are also used for the transport of private good. The advantage compared to motorised vans is that bikes can also be used in car free zones, need much less space and don’t require the use to have a driving licence. But especially cargo bikes are quite expensive and therefore it doesn’t make sense to purchase one if you only need it once or twice a year.

Therefore, the German association “Anstiftung & Emortis has now created a website ( that enables users to located, describe and publish cargo bicycles, bike trailers and other bicycle transport aids that can be borrowed free of charge. This is meant to promote the mutual use of private goods.

Source: Nationaler Verkehrsplan

Contact: Susanne Wrighton

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