March 2013
Bicycle delivery service in Salzburg (AT)

Bicycle delivery service in Salzburg (AT)

Customers of the supermarket chain Interspar can now have their shopping delivered to their homes for only 2 Euros. The service that is co-funded by the City and Region of Salzburg and the Ministry of Social Affairs not only brings advantages for the customers but helps to reintegrate young unemployed people into the labour market.

The new home delivery service from Interspar has started early March 2013 in the City of Salzburg as cooperation with the Association for the promotion of work and employment. Customers can leave their shopping in one of 12 special boxes near the check-out. Each of them provides sufficient space for up to two beer crates. For perishable goods free cooling boxes are provided. The customers pay €2 per delivery (€18 for 10 deliveries or €122 for an annual ticket). Customers can even specify a particular time for the delivery that suits them. The boxes are emptied in regular intervals and delivered by 8 young people that are currently unemployed. For them this measure is a stepwise reintegration into the labour market. The transport of the goods is done in an environmentally friendly way using e-bicycles with trailers.

The programme started with the opening of the “Radhaus” where young unemployed people are not only part of the delivery service but also work in a bicycle repair workshop. Various services around the bike are offered, like e.g. bicycle repair and encoding. Customers can also rent a cargo bicycle. Within the first year of operation the “Radhaus” will receive €240.000 funding from the Region of Salzburg, €65.000 from the City and €64.000 from the Ministry of Social Affairs.

Contact: Susanne Wrighton

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