May 2013
Cargo bikes on Parade in Kortrijk

Cargo bikes on Parade in Kortrijk

Parade on transport of goods and freight by cycle. The aim is to trigger the use of (cargo) bicycles in and around Kortrijk for logistics purposes, but also to show business start-ups using cargo bicycles for their daily activities.

On Sunday 19th May 2013, Mobiel is organising its third Bike Parade in the streets of Kortrijk. The parade is a bi-annual bike event at which participants cycle a loop through the city streets. The aim of it is to show that cycling is fun and practical, and to attract as many bike-minded people to Kortrijk as possible.

This edition puts emphasis on the transport of goods by bicycle. You can transport anything by bike if you want. We challenge the participants to be creative in the transportation of unusual items or large loads. Participants may choose if they carry common cargo (groceries, children, bags) or rather exceptional items (refrigerator, mother-in-law, fish bowl,...). Participants with the most original bike or cargo will go home with a reward!

This year's Bike Parade is included in the programme of the Sinksenfeesten festival. The theme of this year's festival is 'sustainability'. Therefore, the Bike Parade fits the shoe perfectly!

On the main square, there will be an exhibition of unique historical and contemporary bicycles on that day as well.

Prior to the Bike Parade and in collaboration with Buda:: lab / Budafabriek (, we are organising some bicycle workshop sessions. During a couple of afternoons, creative people, cyclists and product developers are invited to join forces to develop their unique bike or bike trailer. Besides all this, we have already received a lot of entries for the photo competition we are organising. Take a look at some of the participating images on our website and our Facebook page.

The Bike Parade is free and open to all people. Mobiel works with multiple partners for this event,including community centres, service centres, sports federations, bicycle clubs, and the local festival Sinksenfeesten.

The Bike Parade is part of the European project Bike Friendly Cities. Within this project vzw Mobiel from Kortrijk works together with foreign partners from the Netherlands, France and England to promote the use of the bicycle in the city and to implement innovative bicycle infrastructure. As part of Bike Friendly Cities, other Bike Parades will be held in the Netherlands, France and England.

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Contact: Frederik De Feyter

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