May 2013
EdgeRunner from Xtracycle

EdgeRunner from Xtracycle

In the mid 90s Ross Evans from Stanford University developed an extension for a mountain bike capable of carrying heavier than usual loads, to be used in a project in Nicaragua called „Bikes Not Bombs“. Three years later he founded Xtracycle Inc. and produced and sold the bicycle extension as a self-assembly kit called: Free Radical Extension.

Soon other companies recognised the potential of bicycles with an extended rear, the so-called Longtail. In 2006 Yuba started selling the model Mundo, Surly launched the Big Dummy in 2008 and Kona developed the Ute. In the meantime there are more than 10 companies on the market selling Longtail-bikes.

Now Xtracycle also produces complete Longbikes. The EdgeRunner has a lower centre of gravity than other cargo bicycles. The back wheel has 20”, while the front wheel still has the usual diameter of 26 inches. Smaller wheels are lighter and yet more stable. Above all, the rear loading rack is situated about 15 cm lower than on regular Longbikes. The steel frame of the EdgeRunner has a weight of 7,18 kg and a completely assembled bike weighs about 20 kg. Xtracycle also offers a whole range of extras for the bicycle: a two-legged stand, the possibility for 2 child seats, including a railing for the children to hold on to when they sit on the rear rack, bags and even a sidecar. This sidecar increases the loading capacity of the EdgeRunner even further.

Contact: Susanne Wrighton

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