July 2013
Cargo bikes for street cleaning in Graz (AT)

Cargo bikes for street cleaning in Graz (AT)

The gentleman on his bright green bike is a relatively new addition to the street scenery in Graz. Thanks to the IEE funded project Cyclelogistics and co-funding by the City of Graz it is now possible for the municipal department to use a Christiania cargo bicycle for street cleaning in the inner city area.

Since about a year, Alois Oberfeichter, rides through the narrow inner city streets of Graz on his bright green cargo bicycle. He absolutely loves it and it shows. The friendly street cleaner is by now well known and so is his bike. The cargo bike is in use from Monday till Friday for eight hours every day and the tour at least 10-20 km long. The Christiania bike was custom made for the specific purpose of street cleaning. The front can be lowered to the ground to make loading and unloading of the wheelie bins easy.
In an interview the head of the department told us that in the beginning it was not easy to find the just the right person among his staff members to ride the bike. But they did succeed in the end. The smile on Mr. Oberfeichter’s face, every time he mounts his bike and rings the bell, shows just how much he enjoys his special vehicle. The reaction of the public to the cargo bike is equally positive. By now he’s well known and often stops on his tour to have a chat with shop owners in the pedestrian zone or to explain the workings of the bike to passers-by.
The department of street cleaning has even published a video about the cargo bike street cleaner in one of their blogs.
Indeed it seems that the enthusiasm of Mr. Oberfeichter for his bike is the reason that the department is now planning to purchase two further cargo bicycles, this time with electric propulsion. One of them will be used to keep the area around the newly refurbished main station in Graz clean. This will likely be the next step to an entire fleet of Cargo bikes used for street and park maintenance in Graz.

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Contact: Susanne Wrighton

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