February 2012
New “BentoBox” to make the delivery transport in Berlin cleaner and more efficient (DE)

New “BentoBox” to make the delivery transport in Berlin cleaner and more efficient (DE)

Just recently the City of Berlin presented the “BentoBox”, Europe’s first prototype of a flexile collection station for packages, little packets and smaller sachets. The station was combined with the deployment of innovative cargo bikes to achieve quick, cost efficient, emission free and almost silent distribution of goods.

The German courier service Messenger Transport + Logistics in cooperation with the city administration for development and environment has just presented a new innovative solution for clean and efficient delivery transport in Berlin. Since the beginning of December 2011 Europe’s first prototype of a flexible collection station for various sizes of packages will be tested for at least 9 weeks by messengers. After that the “BentoBox” will move to Lyon (France) and Turin (Italy) for further field tests. It has been installed in the framework of the CityLog project, co-funded by FP7.
Setting up an additional city hub to coordinate distribution allowed supplying a number of densely populated neighbourhoods using regular cargo bikes including some electric versions. Due to its variously sized shelves the “BentoBox” allows the collection of all kinds of mailing, ranging from packing cases to single letters. Certain parts of the box are also accessible to end customers enabling them to pick up their mail directly, others are designed for CEP services (incl. Couriers, express and parcel services). Applying GPRS connection allows integrating the “BentoBox” directly in enterprise disposition processes. This technology will in future allow it to inform recipients about the status of their mailing.
Messenger Director Achim Beier concludes: “Before, we delivered mailings by car directly to the recipient. Since we apply the BentoBox as a collection and distribution centre, delivery by car finishes at the BentoBox. The remaining distance from the box and to the box is covered by cargo bike. This way, we were able to reduce car trips in the respective districts by 85%.”
Source: Polis Network

Contact: Susanne Wrighton

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