New Depot for Cargo bikes in Graz
GLS opened a new depot in Graz. Four cargo bikes will deliver packages from there to the suburbs of Graz. The four bikes are expected to replace 3 trucks. ,  download

Wenn der Paketzusteller im Parkhaus sitzt
Article about a company in Vienna that has the purpose to find and aquire suitable locations for micro consolidation centres that can be used for cargo bike delivery of the companies UPS and DPD, Susanne Wrighton

Acht von neun LKWs in der Stadt ersetzen
Article in Bicycle Magazine Forum Mobil about the potential of Cargo bikes to relieve our cities from car traffic, Karl Reiter

Erster Wiener Cargobike Corso: Sperren wegen Lastenrad-Demo mit Russkaja
Article about the Cargo bike corso that is part of the activities alongside the ECLF Conference in Vienna,  download

Stadt Wien fördert Kauf von Lastenfahrrädern: Finanzielle Zuwendung
Article about the new cargo bike funding in Vienna that starts in March 2017,  download

Die Lastenräder kommen
Article in one of the largest Austrian Newspapers about Cyclelogistics and the ECLF Conference in Vienna, Susanne Wrighton

Intragender Rolle - Transporfahrräder kommen
Entire magazine from the Austrian ecological Transport club about the cyclelogistics activities in Austria and beyond, Susanne Wrighton

Aufsattlen kann die Stadt verändern
Article about how cycle logistics as a zero emission form of city logistics can change cities for the better but there are several things necessary to promote this. Among them are micro-hubs, new logistics strategies and funding., Susanne Wrighton

Politik der verbrannten Luft
Article from Imagine Cargo about the new cargo bike funding scheme in Austria with an angry look at its critics,  download

Bicycle Window Cleaner in Vienna
Paskal Kellermayer is the first Austrian Windowcleaner who only uses a bicycle and a trailer to clean the windows. His customers love him for that., Susanne Wrighton

Lastenrad entlasted die City
Cyclelogistics influenced the City of Graz to stronly support and fund cargo bikes. This in turn was the trigger for GLS to test Cargo Bikes for inner city delivery. After a positive pilot they now have 10 cargo bikes and a consolidation centre at the edge of the inner city. , Susanne Wrighton

Pakete liefern mit Muskelkraft statt Pferdestärke
GLS will now deliver by cargo bike in Graz.
With 10! new cargo bikes and in every capital of all Austrian regions. , Susanne Wrighton

Transportfahrräder verändern das Gesicht der Stadt
This is an article written by Karl Reier about the potential to change the face of cities by promoting the use of cargo bikes.
(German), Karl Reiter

Die Lust an der Last
Article in German about the various new cargo bike services in Austria with a focal point on Vienna. , Susanne Wrighton

Würstelstandbelieferung mit einem Transporfahrrad
A sausage stand that sells hot sausage rolls in the centre of Wiener Neustadt, a small town near Vienna, now utilises a cargo bike for their deliveries
, Susanne Wrighton

Geförderte Lastenräder privat nutzen
Now there is a new association that enables the funding for cargo bikes for private use through the Austrian Ministry of Environment., Susanne Wrighton

Fest der Fahrradkultur in Linz
Austrian National Broadcasting reports on an event in Linz where Cargo Bikes as mode of transport will also be an issue, Susanne Wrighton

Neue Konzepte im städtischen Lieferverkehr
Article in the German magazine Mobiliogisch, Susanne Wrighton

Blutprobe per Radbote in Graz und Salzburg
The cities of Graz and Salzburg promote the cargo bike heavily. Within two European Projects. Apart from home delivery services two of the hospitals in Graz now also send blood samples per cargo bike. , Susanne Wrighton

Frisch gestartet: Spar und Billa liefern nach Hause
2 On-line oder and home delivery services started in Graz from the 2 biggest supermarket chains: SPAR and Billa, Susanne Wrighton

Die Lastenräder-Offensive
Artikel aus der deutschen Zeitschrift TAZ, publiziert im Anschluss an das ECLF Meeting in Nijmegen,  download

This is an article in the German bicycle magazine Radwelt about the consumer tests from Cyclelogistics, Randy Rzewnicki

Drahtesel im Liefereinsatz
This is a an article about the CL project, cycle logistics applications in Austira as well as an announcement of the Cyclelogistics Event organised by the Austrian Ministry of Transport - together with FGM, Susanne Wrighton

Auf die gesunde Tour
A restaurant and organic vegetable shop in Graz that uses a cargo bike to delivery food in a eco-friendly way. They have participated in the Cyclelogistics Living Laboratory and then used the funding of the City of Graz to purchase their bullit. , Susanne Wrighton

Jeder zweite Transport in Städten mit Rad möglich
This article was published in Austria after the Austrian Press Agency released the 51% shift potential news.
The news were also broadcast on the general radio news, Karl Reiter

Cargo Bikes and Electric Cargo Vehicles work togehter in a novel City Logistics Solution in Gothenburg, Sweden
Johan Erlandsson

Lastenrad Tagung Emissionsfreie Logistik

Trampar pa för en grön stad
Swedisch article about the use of cargo bicycles. It mentions the Cyclelogistics Project and data from the Baseline Study, Susanne Wrighton

A carpenter and his bike
A carpenter in Graz delivers almost all of his manufactured pieces by bike and trailer., Susanne Wrighton

Delivery Service Salzburg
Similar to the already existing delivery service in Switzerland the Austrian Supermarket chanin SPAR has now started a home delivery service for shopping goods for their customers. The service is supported by the Region and City of Salzburg and helps to reintegrate young people into the job market., Susanne Wrighton

Pink Pedals_1
Bicycle Couriers from Graz using cargo bikes, Susanne Wrighton

Pink Pedals_2
Bicycle Couriers from Graz using cargo bikes, Susanne Wrighton

Pharmacies use bicycle couriers
A new service from pharmacies in Graz uses bicycle couriers to home deliver medication to patients, Susanne Wrighton

New cargo bike as mobile weapon against particulate matter in Graz
A new electric cargo bike now delivers packages in Graz. It is sponsored by a local electricity company., Susanne Wrighton

It promotes our business when there are cargo bikes riding through town
The first and only Viennese cargo bike business is doing well - also in winter! Inventory for the future of goods transport by bike. , Susanne Wrighton

Wenn das Sofa Fahrrad fährt
An article about the delivery with cargo bikes by VCÖ - the potential for a climate-friendly revolution, Susanne Wrighton

An Ice Cream Rikscha for Graz
An cargo bike with home made ice cream is cycling through the parks of Graz., Susanne Wrighton

Opening Living Laboratory Graz
The Cyclelogistics Living Lab was officially "opened" by Vice Mayor Lisa Rücker on 19.July 2012. FGM-AMOR has 6 different cargo bikes that are lent to interested companies to try out if a cargo bike might be a business solution for them. Several companis have already made use of the offer. , Susanne Wrighton

Cyclelogistics Foundation
This is an article about the establishment of a European CL Federation in Cambridge, 14.July 2012
The article was published in one or the main daily newspapers (Standard), Susanne Wrighton

Immer mehr Radler in den Einkaufszentren
Every year the Bicycle Lobby from Graz had a look at the big shopping malls in Graz. The result: swhop owners value cyclists as customers more and more, but infrastructure for cyclists is still inadequate.,  download

Räder ersetzen den Lastwagen
This article was published in a free newspaper that is delivered on Sundays to all house in Graz , Susanne Wrighton

"Notwendiger Verkehr" muss umrüsten
Article publish in the magazine of the Styrian Chamber of Commerce about the advantages of cycling in general ,  download

Bike and Buy - Einkaufen mit dem Fahrrad ist leicht möglich
This is an article about the Shop-by-bike campaign from the project Cyclelogistics that took place in May/June 2012 in Vienna
Even the Vice-Mayor congratulated some test buyers, Susanne Wrighton

Cargobikes conquer cities
Renaissance of cargobikes - Cargobikes have a surprising comback in Europan inner cities plagued by traffic jams. These new cargo bikes replace the family vans as well as delivery trucks., Susanne Wrighton