Berlin (DE)

Berlin is the capital city of Germany a city famous for its innovation and rich culture. Berlin is home to over three and a half million inhabitants.  Many companies foreign and domestic are headquartered in Berlin or use Berlin as a central business hub. Some companies that support Berlin’s economy are Siemens, Deutsche Bahn and Air Berlin.

Berlin is the center of tourism it is the third most visited city in Europe and had over 11 million visitors last year.  The city has many historical locations and museums that show case the rich history of both Germany and Berlin that draw in international visitors from around the globe.

Berlin’s cityscape and landscape is very diverse the largest river that runs through the city is the Spree with a total length of forty-five kilometers with in the city limits. The Spree can also used as a transportation route to get to other cities such as Dresden, Prague and Basel.  The cityscape of Berlin is marked by many iconic pieces of architecture, such as the Brandenburg Gate, the Fernsehturm the tallest building in Germany and the Schloss Charlottenburg.

In conclusion the city of Berlin provides many opportunities and possibilities for its residents, corporations and visitors, do to its diverse population and inventive outlook.


Urban-e will work together with the nation-wide delivery company Go! and carry out tasks in relation with the development of a home delivery platform that will be established in the Berlin district of Zehlendorf. There citizens and retailers are interested in an eco-friendly home delivery platform that will greatly reduce car traffic generated by shopping and transporting of goods. A special booking system will be developed to coordinate between customers, shops and the rider and dispatcher. E-cargo bikes will be used for the delivery of the goods while large bicycle trailers will be used as mobile consolidation centres for the distribution of the goods.