Alexandre Euzenat

Alexandre Euzenat

Meet Alexandre Euzenat from Saint-Malo, France.

How long have you been using your cargo bike?

For 1 to 2 years.

Why did you decide to purchase one?

To replace the car and for bike activism.

Meet Alexandre Euzenat from Saint-Malo, a cargo bike enthusiast.  

How would you complete the following phrase “I love my cargo bike because….”?

It gives me the chance to go without my car, it is a utility bike and it is really multi-purposes.

Describe cargo bikes in one word?


Do you think that you are having an impact on society?

Yes, I contribute to more peaceful traffic in my city (no noise, no danger for the others, don’t take much space on the road), I don’t pollute the air, by using it I prove that bikes can replace cars in most of the common situations to the city life. My example made other people buy a cargo bike.