Delighted with the choice

Delighted with the choice

ArabaDomotic is a pioneering company in Vitoria-Gasteiz in programming, design, installation and maintenance of home automation systems. After taking part in a campaign to promote cargo bikes as part of the CCCB project in which he was able to try one out, Ioseba Martínez de Guereñu, the company’s manager, decided to buy a Bullitt to incorporate it into his business.

Cargo bikes are comfortable, fast, noiseless and CO2 free!

He currently uses it for urban commuting for technical assistance work and is happy with the change because it is a comfortable, fast, noiseless and CO2-free means of transport. He believes it is necessary to implement more 30km/h roads in the city and considers that it would be interesting for the City Council’s public tenders to value this type of non-polluting means of transport when contracting service providers.

Twitter:  @ArabaDomotic