Delphine Mantienne

Delphine Mantienne

Meet Delphine!

Delphine and her partner live in Strasbourg, France, and they bought their first cargo bike just after the birth of their first child over three years ago. They now have two happy children and try not “to use motorized transport in the city, for practical and ecological reasons.” The cargo bike is now their favorite way of getting around! “We use to take our children to the park, to their sports activities, to school when it rains.”

Meet Delphine! For her and her partner, cargo bikes are favorite way of getting around.

Do you think the cargo bike has an impact on society?

“Yes, yes, and yes! Cargo bikes are the transport of the future and don’t have any of the negative problems of motorized vehicles: no polluting emission, easy to use maximal convenience, no inconveniences (noise, air, motorized violence). The impact can only be positive. It would be for the best if the authorities realized this more, and better financed the transition, leaving behind the “all in a car” ideology. Finally, cargo bikes make my children happy!”