Local Hero – Hummus Amamamusi

Local Hero – Hummus Amamamusi

Tell us a bit about yourself and your cargo bike!

I’m an entrepreneur and founder of a small food company. We focus on healthy food, we started with hummus. At the beginning, I was the only employee, selling through Facebook and making bike deliveries all over the city.
Now we have twenty-two employees, two delivery bikes, three different start-ups products – bio fully natural sweetener syrups in many flavours, vegan mayo, and kimchi. We also have opened two small bars.

Cargo bikes help us deliver our products to shops, bring parcels to the delivery companies, and cater to smaller events (we could serve up to 50 people with food delivered on bikes). Sometimes, it is even possible to organize food stand on the trade events delivering all on bikes. Cargo bikes especially those with electric help are great for moving things to service around town when something needs to be repaired, bring chairs to the restoration or some garbage to collecting stations.

“Cargo bikes help us deliver our product”.

What do you think are the advantages of using a cargo bike? Does the cargo bike offer any benefits during the corona crisis?

Bikes are especially easier to park in the desired location. It is door to door delivery, and sometimes even more. For example, it helps bring things from the truck inside the hall where we need to set up our trade field, or catering office. Sometimes it helps to bring things into closed areas, where delivering anything by car would require a lot of paperwork and extra permits.

During the crisis, we are able to use it for quick and cost-free transportation for personal food deliveries, or supplies. Parallelly we are suffering because of a lot of construction in our area. Many roads are under construction or are simply closed for traffic. Bikes are easily flowing in between barriers and restrictions.

Are there more cyclists now than before the corona crisis?

Yes, we could see growing numbers of bikes. People are using them more and more for fun, recreation and family trips, but as well we could see growing numbers of bikers making some grocery shopping, going to the office or bringing kids from school. The world is rapidly changing and bike lines are being rapidly installed on the streets of Krakow, instead of car lines and parking places.

Do you have a cargo bike business, run your family errands on a cargo bike or use it for any other creative purpose? Tell us about it! Contact us a.reibold@ecf.com to become a local hero and share your cargo bike story.