My Cargo Bike makes me Love my City

My Cargo Bike makes me Love my City

Meet Sesselja from Reykjavík, Iceland who rides a TrioBike and an Urban Arrow.

What tasks do you use your cargo bike for?

Promote the use of Cargo bikes, pick my friend up from kindergarten, go shopping and deliver maps to the tourist office.

Complete the sentence: “I love my cargo bike because…”

.. it makes me love my city!

“I love my cargo bike. It makes me love my city!” 

Why did you decide to buy a cargo bike?

It all started with Dr. Bike and then there was Cycling without age…

Describe your cargo bike experience with one word:


Do you feel you and your cargo bike are making an impact on society?

Yes, we do and now I am working on a project that might lead to a fund crowd for individuals and companies to get a governmental support to buy more Cargo bikes in Iceland.

What could your city do to improve the “cargobike-ability” of your city?

Support a cargo sharing system and encourage kindergartens to have cargo bikes.