My machine of happiness

My machine of happiness

Meet Javier Valiente!

What tasks do you use your cargo bike for?
For traveling, shopping and for transporting bicycles for my job.

How would you complete the following phrase “I love my cargo bike because….”?

It is my machine of happiness.

Meet Javier Valiente. He use his cargo bike for traveling, shopping and transporting!

Why did you decide to purchase one?

I built my cargo bike when I moved to Then Netherlands from Spain.

Describe your cargo bike experience in one word:


Did you have to overcome any initial challenges?

No, the truth is that I have always been quite skilled in the use of bicycles and I quickly got to work with them.

Do you think that you and your cargo bike are making an impact on society?

Yes, when you notice that people look at you and think I could move that way. It happens to me a lot when I go shopping or ride with my partner on the cargo bike.