Vincent Arrigault

Vincent Arrigault

Meet Vincent Arrigault!

Vincent lives in Schiltigheim, France with his family.

How long have you been using your cargo bike?

I’ve been using the cargo bike for about 3 years now!

“I love my cargo bike because it is the biggest!” says – Vincent  a cargo bike enthusiast.

Why did you decide to purchase one?

To optimize my everyday trips with my small children (less than 5 years old), to go grocery shopping, to go to the waste disposal area, to go to the park with all the toys.

How would you complete the following phrase “I love my cargo bike because….”?

It’s the biggest!

Do you think that cargo bikes are making an impact on society?

I think we are participating in the evolution and democratization of urban, daily, family, useful and responsible cycling. These last two years, I’ve noticed that people are buying more and more these kinds of bicycles, especially in the city centre and suburbs.