1. European Cargo Bike Industry Survey: Market Size and Coronavirus Impact


The European CityChangerCargoBike project (CCCB) invites companies to participate in the 1. European Cargo Bike Industry Survey:


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Survey Opening: Monday, 4 May 2020
Survey Closing: Monday, 18 May 2020, 14.00 CET

Answers are strictly anonymous. Mandatory questions of the survey can be answered in less than five minutes. Answering all questions will not take more than 15 minutes if the data is at hand. 

For more information on the survey, its addressees, conductors, data management and publication of results please continue reading below.

Purpose of the survey

51% of all motorized transport trips in European cities could be shifted to bicycles. But there is few data on the actual size and growth of the European cargo bike market*. Such data is needed to further increase investment by companies and political attention by national governments and the EU. Especially as also the cargo bike industry is affected from the Coronavirus crisis and should benefit from stimulus packages.


Survey design

The 1. European Cargo Bike Industry Survey addresses brands, dealers and distributors of cargo bikes as well as suppliers and providers of cargo bike specific products and services.

A cargo bike in the sense of this survey is a bicycle with a higher than usual total maximum weight, specifically constructed for the private or commercial transport of goods or people. This includes also e.g. postal bikes and rikshaws.

The geographical scope of the survey is the European Union + UK, Norway, Switzerland, Iceland and the Balkan countries. 


Part I and II: Market Size

The first two parts are about sales numbers of cargo bikes and about the industry‘s turnover.

Part I addresses only cargo bike brands, dealers and distributors and their cargo bike sales in 2018/2019/2020 including the share of different cargo bike types:

  • private use / commercial use
  • two wheelers / three wheelers / four or more wheelers
  • non electrified models/ Pedelec 25 / Pedelec 45 / Pedelec L1e-A

Part II addresses all companies of the cargo bike industry and the size and growth of the turnover of their cargo bike business in Europe in 2019.


Part III: Coronavirus impact

Part III is an updated cargo bike specific version of the Coronavirus impact survey conducted by Cycling Industries Europe (CIE) in the broader bicycle industry in March (results).


Conductors of the survey

The survey is jointly conducted by following CCCB partners:
European Cycle Logistics Federation (ECLF)
Cycling Industries Europe (CIE)
Cracow University of Technology


Confidentiality information

Answers are given anonymously: no names of individuals or businesses are being sought, therefore no data can or will be assigned to individual brands. Data is collected through Google Forms by the CCCB research partner Cracow University of Technology (prof. Vitalii Naumov, Department of Transportation Systems), who will only share aggregated data with the CCCB partners for the publication purposes.


Publication of survey results

Survey results will be published with a media release and on this webpage shortly after closing of the survey on 18 May 2020.



For inquiries please get in touch with Arne Behrensen: info@cargobike.jetzt


* The German Cycling Industry Association (ZIV) estimates that
76.000 cargo bikes were sold in Germany in 2019: 54.500 with and 21.500 without electric assist.