Zedify Cargo Bikes Parked at Ikea Greenwich
Zedify are working with the newly launched IKEA Greenwich to offer zero emission deliveries by cargo bike for shoppers arriving by public transport, bike, or on foot. IKEA UK’s leading sustainable store benefits from excellent public transport links, ensuring that access to store by sustainable travel is easy and convenient. In addition to tube and
E-bike deliveries in Munich
A new EU-funded project aspires to set up a Concierge Service for the Domagpark district in Munich in collaboration with logistic service providers. When the parcel deliveries to the district are bundled centrally, residents will be able to post and pick up goods at the concierge, or even get their goods delivered by the local concierge with an eco
In order to find a feasible solution to reduce the delivery of goods by cars and trucks in urban areas without lowering the quality of delivery services, a new EU-funded project focused on Munich will be carried out in collaboration with various types of logistic service providers. The plan is to test out several kinds of boxes and logistic systems
Integrated e-bike sharing
The current bike-sharing system of Munich’s public transport provider (MVG Rad) is not well suited for senior citizens or physically impaired people, as these groups often prefer e-bikes or tricycles. Moreover, the current bicycles do not allow users to transport heavy loads resulting in more trips being made with private cars. In close
New research from Transport for London (TfL) claims that people walking, cycling and using public transport spend more than motorists in local shops. Conducted by Matthew Carmona from University College London's Bartlett School of Planning, the research reveals that those not in cars spend 40% more each month in neighborhood shops than motorists.
Denmark Goods
A little less than a year ago, the German start-up Rytle launched a new inner-city logistics concept . Their plan is to free up city centres around the world by replacing rigid trucks and vans with electric cargo bikes that transport specially designed, prepacked transport boxes the size of a standard pallet. Read more about the project in the full
When UPS launched in Seattle in 1907, it made deliveries on foot and by bicycle. Five years later, it had its first Model T delivery car. Today, the company brought a delivery bike back to the city in an experiment that–if successful–it hopes to replicate throughout the U.S. “This is our first iteration of what a modular urban delivery system might
Will future deliveries in urban areas really be done by drones? In a recent Forbes article , Carlton Reid argues that in the near future , ‘last mile deliveries’ are more likely to be carried out by electric cargo bikes than drones. In the Netherlands, the average van carries as little as 130kg per trip. With a capacity of 350kg , electric cargo
Cargo Bike
The Norwegian pilot project, Oslo Cargo Bike , offers cargo bikes to citizens in the need of transporting more goods than they can fit on a regular bike. By downloading the app and purchasing a subscription that fits citizens’ particular needs, Oslo’s residents can find the closest available bike, use their phone to unlock it 24/7, and call them in