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The City of Vienna Will Subsidise E-Cargo Bikes for Companies


Starting February 1st, the City of Vienna will be promoting the use of E-cargo bikes for companies! Subsidies of up to 4,000 euros per bike are made available with resources from the Eco-Electricity Fund Vienna. The funding includes a total of 800.000 Euros, which will be accessible until the end of 2021. On top of this, sharing offers in housing estates will be promoted. 

Short distance delivery trips are evidently more environmentally friendly and efficient with the help of electric cargo bikes. Numerous companies are already leading by example using cargo bikes for last-mile deliveries. With the new funding scheme, the city wants to further accelerate this development with the ambitious goal in mind that, by 2030, Vienna's commercial transport should be largely free of climate-damaging CO2.

What will be promoted? The City of Vienna provides purchasing subsidies for electric cargo bikes and electric trailers with a payload of more than 40 kilograms. Funding is also provided for adjustments to meet special usage requirements (superstructures, transport boxes, etc.), the installation of data trackers and additional batteries. E-cargo bikes must be powered by renewable energy sources.

Companies, entrepreneurial organisations, public authorities and associations can apply for the subsidy scheme. The registered office or branch, as well as the value-added, must be in Vienna.


Amount of Subsidies

E-cargo bikes with a payload of 40 kg to100 kg receive subsidies of max. 50% (up to 2,000 EUR) per e-cargo bike or e-cargo trailer.

E-cargo bikes with a payload of 100 kg or more receive subsidies of max. 30% (up to 4,000 EUR), per electric bike or electric trailer.

For payloads of 100 kg or more, both purchasing and leasing subsidies are available.

Funding agency: The Energy Planning Department of the City of Vienna manages the subsidies within the framework of the Green Electricity Fund.…


Settlement Agent:

Grant applications are processed by: UIV Urban Innovation Vienna GmbH, Operngasse 17-21, 1040 Vienna,



Mrs Viktoria Forstinger BA

Phone: +43 1 4000-84288


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