Integrated e-bike sharing

Development of an integrated e-bike sharing scheme

The current bike-sharing system of Munich’s public transport provider (MVG Rad) is not well suited for senior citizens or physically impaired people, as these groups often prefer e-bikes or tricycles. Moreover, the current bicycles do not allow users to transport heavy loads resulting in more trips being made with private cars. In close collaboration with the targeted user groups, a recently launched EU-funded project therefore aims to develop and integrate a carrier e-trike for mobility-impaired people with storage capacity for several large shopping bags into the bicycle fleet of MVG Rad. By offering an affordable, inclusive, and sustainable alternative, this measure is expected to increase citizens’ willingness to change their travel behavior from car to bike as well as increase the knowledge base of public e-bike sharing schemes. The experience with this system will be used as a basis for creating a replicable and (up)scalable concept of an e-mobility solution for all (public e-trike-sharing).

Find more information on the project here.