Forbes: Cargo Bikes, not Drones, are the Future for Urban Deliveries

Will future deliveries in urban areas really be done by drones? In a recent Forbes article, Carlton Reid argues that in the near future, ‘last mile deliveries’ are more likely to be carried out by electric cargo bikes than drones. In the Netherlands, the average van carries as little as 130kg per trip. With a capacity of 350kg, electric cargo bikes therefore offer a great alternative to larger delivery trucks in cities where road space is almost always in short supply.

And several automotive companies have seen it coming. In 2019, Volkswagen’s “smallest commercial vehicle ever” will hit the streets. In October, the UK government announced the establishment of a £2 million fund to subsidize the purchase of new electric cargo bikes – a logistics company will now be able to save 20% of the purchase price of an electric cargo bike, up to a threshold of £5,000. In Germany, there are rebates of up to one-third of the retail price of electric cargo bikes. The German state of Baden-Württemberg offers a subsidy of up to €4,000 for the purchase of an e-cargo bike for commercial use.

Read more about the safety of electric cargo bikes and the new approach the cargo bike industry ought to take in the original article  by Carlton Reid found here.