Meet our Local Heroes from the City of Mechelen

Cargo bikes are the perfect addition to any family! Many parents in the city of Mechelen are discovering the cargo bike as the most efficient and fun transport option for family logistics. And it is putting a cargo bike smile on everyone’s faces:


Inge Upgraded her Cargo Bike

“We have had our cargo bike for two years now. It’s wonderful for transporting children with all their stuff. I had a special design made for my cargo bike, integrating the birth-cards of both my daughters. But I’m not the only one who loves our cargo bike: my oldest child understands very well what cycling is, and every time she sees a cargo bike, she wants to go for a ride.” - Inge Van Utterbeeck



Anke’s Daughter Loves to ‘cruise’

“It’s been a few months already and we’ve been going everywhere with the wind in our hair. My daughter took a while to adjust to it, but now she loves it, especially when we’re riding on cobblestones where she says ‘eeeeeeh’ the whole time. From the moment she’s in the cargo bike, she puts her arm on the side and she’s ready to ‘cruise’. When we stopped at traffic lights, she looks at other bikes until they look back. She’s quite an attraction! I love my cargo bike!” -  Anke Vermeulen







Joke Combines with Cambio

“Our Gazelle Cabby has been making us happy for seven years now. It’s our surrogate car, together with the car sharing system Cambio.” - Joke Tulleneers

“With our cargo bike, we go fast as lightning!” – Floris and Merlijn





Interested in Sharing or Testing a Cargo bike?

Sharing a cargo bike with your friends, neighbours or co-citizens will soon be possible in Mechelen! Register here and we’ll let you know when the service is available.

Would you first like to test a cargobike? Soon you’ll be able to lend one for free for an entire week. Register here.


The City of Mechelen is a partner in the project CityChangerCargoBike (CCCB), which promotes the use of cargo bikes. Thanks to the support of the Horizon2020-program, CCCB brings together a team of 20 European partners. By learning from the best examples, CCCB wants to raise awareness and support cargo bike (-initiatives). Want to know more?