Lastenrad in einer Einkaufsstraße © Tom Assmann
Cargo bikes have the potential to substitute 25% of today's inner-city delivery journeys . Fahrradportal explains how the German project “Lastenraddepot” is aiming to develop a model guideline for the implementation of inner city depots according to the logistic requirements, thereby guaranteeing an optimal traffic flow and high acceptance by
Christoph Diener, Leiter der IKEA-Filiale Freiburg, Philipp Rovedo, Lastenvelo Freiburg, Oliver Benz, Vorstand der Freiburger Verkehrs AG, fuhren die Lastenvelos schon mal Probe
Since 2013, Freiburger Verkehrs AG (VAG) and the furniture store IKEA have been cooperating very successfully with the "smart station wagon" offer when it comes to electromobility. In this article , Fahrradportal explains how three electric cargo bikes are now included in the environmentally friendly transport offer under the name "Flottes 3Rad" in
Will fully exploit the huge potential of cargo bikes to achieve a faster, more cost-effective and larger scale deployment of this sustainable mobility option for urban areas. It will thus improve the quality of life of our cities!