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Study Finds Cargobikes Beat Vans In Cities

A university study has found that cargobikes complete urban delivery jobs up to 50% faster than small vans. Meanwhile, the U.K. 

However, one of the long-existing green forms of transport—cycling—was recently found to be faster in cities than cars or motorbikes. Smartphone data from riders and drivers schlepping meals for restaurant-to-home courier service Deliveroo showed that cyclists are even faster than motorized two-wheelers.

“In some areas over a given period, the average travel time can be far shorter for cyclists than for scooters,” said Deliveroo in an email.

And engineering students from the University of Southampton have now found that cargobikes are far faster than vans in cities.

The study, commissioned by courier firm CitySprint, discovered that cargobikes complete jobs up to 50% faster than small vans during peak weekday times

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