Cargo Bike

Big problems, micro solutions: electric cargo bikes to the rescue

For the average city-dweller, a bicycle might seem like a single-use mode of transport, useful for getting an individual from one point to another. However, there is a growing demand for innovation in micro mobility, especially to combat climate change, congestion, air quality, human interaction, obesity, noise pollution, traffic safety and service quality (to name a few). One rapidly growing micro mobility trend is the use of bicycles for last-mile logistics and postal and delivery services all over the world are experimenting with electric cargo bike delivery services.

Interestingly, freight bicycles were used frequently by tradesmen for local deliveries in the early 20th century (maybe the answer to some future innovation is to recycle old ideas). But one difference between early “freight bicycles” and modern bikes or trikes (a tricycle) is electrification, which helps delivery people carry their parcel load. Consider the number of electric cargo bikes currently working with post companies. Velove’s Armadillo is used by an impressive list of parcel services, including DHL, DB Schenker, Deutsche Post, DPD, Hermes, and Swiss Post. Centaur Cargo has developed a modular cargo bike for PostNL and AN Post, Urban Arrow works with Coolblue and Truck Trike, a Portland-based company, is working with UPS.

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