Alba Iulia’s Bubble Festival

Alba Iulia’s Bubble Festival

July, 1 2019.

The team of the CCCB project from Alba Iulia (Romania) organized the first action to promote and test cargo bicycles in the city, in a broader event dedicated to children (Bubble Parade 2019), with the support of colleagues from the project Methamorphosis, from other departments of the municipality, numerous NGO’s, the Traffic Police and the Local Police.

During the event, which lasted 3 hours and took place on a closed to car traffic boulevard, tens of persons of all ages received flyers and information on cargo bicycles, about activities taking place in the framework of the CCCB project, instructions for use of cargo bikes and were able to test 4 cargo bicycles adapted to the transport of persons (3 cargo tricycles – Bakfiets and a 1-wheel-Long John bike cargo) on a 150 m route, including the landmarks of skill testing.

Enjoying success over expectations, cargo bicycle testing has brought much joy to children and adults, providing many fun moments. More, numerous local supporters of cargo bikes have been identified, offered feedback and made suggestions about the development of the use of cargo bicycles in the city. Also, they express their interest to participate in the following events that we will organise during the project. We are convinced that benefiting from their support, the next event dedicated to the use of cargo bicycles organized in Alba Iulia will have great success.